Arabian horses have been my dream and my longing since I was a child. I grew up with them and they continue to incite the childlike curiosity and playfulness inside me. They have been my companions for most of my life. They help me confront my fears, timidity and courage of the spirit, and they help me overcome and cope with different kinds of challenges. They awaken the passion and bring fire to my love of life. In them, I found my mission and one of the meanings of my existence.

The Arabian horses live together with us on a 13 ha organic farm. The herd consists of fifteen mares, two stallions and young horses. All basic fodder is grown on pristine organic meadows. The noblest core of our herd are quality breeding mares. When it comes to breeding, in addition to the classic Arabian type, we want to achieve general usability of our horses. We value most a good character of the horse, so mares are mated exclusively with excellent stallions that possess such traits.

We try to give horses the most natural life possible to the degree that the modern civilized world allows us to. We pay special attention to the socialization of young horses, herd life, holistic treatment, friendly attitude towards horses, maximum reasonable amount of exercise and natural or functional hoof care.

Until the age of three, horses live in free range in the company of at least three peers. Mares, stallions and young horses are well fortified and adapted to local weather conditions, in which the highest summer temperatures reach up to + 38C and the lowest winter temperatures as low as -20C, as they spend most of their time in spacious paddocks and on pastures. Mares with foals spend all days and nights from April to December on large pastures. Most adult horses are regularly ridden.


We want to continue successfully breeding beautiful and overall useful purebred Arabian horses with a highlighted and distinct Arabian type, great character, good physical constitution and substantial movement.